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Mandy Wulf

Schillerstrasse 91 86911 Dießen

I am happy to announce that I have safely received my category B drivers' license here at my home address in Munich. I am particularly very happy because i have had several bad experiences online before I found you guys. It is truly amazing.


My dream come true for the Romanian driver's license. I got my Romanian driver's license from Official Documentz. I have verified the driver's license and everything is fine. I am happy that I have been using this driver's license now for three months. Thank you!!

Ranislav Braune

Duh na Ostrem Vrhu

Trifon Voronov


My UK passport is finally here. To be honest, I waited for this UK passport and was already losing hope in the third week. And again I am sorry for talking rude to your customer consultants when I doubted the process. You guys are all amazing. Thanks.

Jana Fokina

Šmartno v Rožni dolini

I ordered for a Swedish driving license category B. I waited for 4 days after payment. Now I have the Swedish driving license category AM and category B. paying 1200 euro was worth it. Once more I say thank you.


Very easy. My friend recommended this website to me to get back my suspended Hungarian driver's license. This website has been an answer to my prayers. Thank you sir.

Mark L. Givens

Stoneybrook Road Cocoa, FL

Murilo Gomes Silva

Rue du Vert Galant... Porcheresse

Berlin is now home to me. I am a cab driver now in Berlin working legally. I acquired a resident permit from your website and used it to get my new job. I like your work.

Astor Delgado Salgado


Wow wow and wow. you guys are just the best. This is the first time I [have] successfully bought a document (drivers license) online and actually received it. I am very happy to see this happen in Ireland. i just hope that the secrete service will not short you down.


Since my US driver's license was suspended for use of drugs, I have stopped the drugs but I have not been able to pass the medical part of the test. It looked like I was not going to be able to drive again until I met you guys. you are just the best. Thanks for helping me get my life back together.

Dominga Thompson

Doe Meadow Drive Hagerstown, MD

Sayyidah Naheeda Kassab

Nelson Street Wunnummin Lake, ON P0V 2Z0

Feeling good to drive in Canada now. I immigrated to the Canada two years ago for work and it has been very difficult to get a driver's license. After mastering the high way code in Canada it has not been easy getting through the tests. Getting a driving license from Official has made things so easy for me, at a time in my life when I really needed a hero.Thanks guys for being my hero.

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