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Origin of Official Documentz

Official Documentz was founded by a German millionaire by name Florian Reinhardt and renown Australian business man Bailey Bleasdale. The original idea was to make it easier for business men to get around Europe without having to deal with complicated procedures and scrutiny to get travel documents and make it faster. These two capitalist used their money and influence to create connections with government officials throughtout Europe.

The launch of Official Documentz in 2006 was met with overwhelming demand for our services. Since then, Official Documentz has continually expanded. Today, We offer drivers licenses, passports and resident permits in every continent in the world

Buy real and fake documents online. Driver’s licenses and passports of any country. Fast and safe.

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What We Do

Do you need real or fake documents? Whether you are new to the country or have just lost your real documents, you need a reliable partner who can help you get your documents back. At Official Documentz, we ensure that you get exactly what you paid for. You can easily buy real documents online with us. Our real documents, regardless of what country you are from, are exactly the same as the ones issued by the government of the country. Our “Fake” documents look so real, they are almost unrecognizable without the use of AI.

Who Can Buy Documents From Us?

Whether you have just landed in America from a different country or have been a resident of the country for many years, we can help you get the required documents like a driver’s license, identity cards, passport, etc. If you are an immigrant, you can even buy real resident permit at Official Documentz. We know that time is of essence to you, and we ensure that your order for legit documents online is delivered to you at the earliest.

This is not only true for America as a whole, it is also true for Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Real and fake docments are available.

Why Choose Us

Official Documentz is a US reputable company that has been in the industry for a very long time, and therefore, you have nothing to worry about when working with us. We deliver quality real and fake legit documents online to our clients across the world.

Our company has invested in modern technology to ensure that we produce quality and legal documents for all our customers. And since our launch in 2006, our connections have only grown. We have done extensive work in collaborating with different immigration agencies in different countries. That means any country where we offer our services, our documents are very legit and you can use them without any problems.

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