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Buy real and fake documents online. Driver’s licenses and passports of any country. Fast and safe.

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Do you need real or fake documents? Whether you are new to the country or have just lost your real documents, you need a reliable partner who can help you get your documents back. At Official Documentz, we ensure that you get exactly what you paid for. You can easily buy real documents online with us. Our real documents, regardless of what country you are from, are exactly the same as the ones issued by the government of the country. Our “Fake” documents look so real, they are almost unrecognizable without the use of AI.

Whether you have just landed in America from a different country or have been a resident of the country for many years, we can help you get the required documents like a driver’s license, identity cards, passport, etc. If you are an immigrant, you can even buy real resident permit at Official Documentz. We know that time is of essence to you, and we ensure that your order for legit documents online is delivered to you at the earliest.

This is not only true for America as a whole, it is also true for Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Real and fake docments are available.

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Buy real and fake documents online. Driver’s licenses and passports of any country. Fast and safe.

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Do you need a German driving license (DL)? We are here to help you get a real German driving license. You can buy a German driving license from us at a good price. When you buy a German driving license from us, the German driving license we provide is registered with the transport agency. To buy a German driving license online, or the driver’s license of any country for that matter, you only need to contact us and provide the necessary information that our agents need.

Buy MPU Validation Online

MPU validation becomes a big problem when your driving license is suspended in Germany. buy..

Buy Drivers License Online

Buy real and fake drivers licenses online. Affordable, save and secure, and delivered at your doorstep.

Express Passports for sale

The fastest place you can buy a genuine US passport from is here at Official Documentz.

Buy Residence Permits

We are the only online service in the EU from where you ban directly buy a Spanish residence permit online. In addition..

Get Visa Assistance

Seeking to travel abroad? Buy a visa from us and live in Canada, USA, Korea, UK, Australia and any other EU country.

Fake Documents

We also produce counterfeit documents. Only go for this option if you absolutely know what you are doing. Else you might get in trouble with the authorities.

Qualities of Documents We Offer

Authentic Documents

These are documents made to be exactly like the ones officially issued by te government of the respective country. All security features are included and its duly registered in all necessary databases.

Fake Documents

These are counterfeit documents which are very close to their original counterparts, but lack some of the complicated security features. They cannot be detected without the use of AI. They are slightly cheaper than the their authentic counterparts. Only go for these if you know what you are doing.


We also offer some certificates. Specifically, certificates that are required for you to obtain certain documents. For example IELTS. We mostly only produce the authentic versions of these certificates.

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